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Hi Brian

You don’t know me from Adam. I saw your promo on Vietnam Vet Radio and thought I’d wish you well with your September reunion.

I served with 509th RRGP/Radio Research Communications Unit Vietnam (aka RRCUV).  We billeted at Davis Station on Tan Son Nhut AB. I was a 72B20 (Comm. Center Specialist) and worked out of 509th HQ at Whitebirch.  After 2 years in Nam, I was assigned to USASACUP (U.S. Army Security Agency Comm. Unit Philippines).  That was only a 10 month stay, as the unit was shutting down, and I got a 5 month early out.

Not sure if any of your guys did time in the Philippines, but we are having our reunion September 24-27 in Chattanooga. We are a small group and consist of guys were with the original 9th ASA FS, 77th ASA SOU and then us at the tail end with USASACUP.

Again, just wanted to wish you guys well.

Rich Queen, Columbus, OH
RRCUV 8/68 – 10/70, Whitebirch, Comm. Center (terminal)
USASACUP 10/70 – 8/71, Comm. Center (terminal)

ASA in Turkey – Reunion pictures etc. Provided by Elder Green –
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