Below is a link to information on the construction of another, full size replica of the Wall in Washington, D.C. but this time in Eastern Missouri at Perryville. This is a privately funded endeavor – NO gov’t funding! Let’s spread the word on this and support the people of Perryville, MO! Our next trip to KC WILL include a stop here.

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REUNION 2018 was a HUGE success!

If you missed it you missed a wonderful experience – lots of laughs, hugs, tears and remembering!

Pictures to follow shortly! Stay tuned !

335th Radio Research Company – Vietnam

The 335th RRC site is dedicated to the memory of the fallen member’s of all the branches and specifically to the six members of the 335th RRC that died in Vietnam. It is in honor of ALL our comrades that served in Vietnam or in support from the start to the end of what we now call the “Vietnam War”. We offer you a “LONG OVERDUE”

Welcome Home , Sisters and Brothers

Arby’s in Van Buren, Arkansas
On a recent trip we stopped at the Arby’s Restaurant in Van Buren, Arkansas (Exit Hwy 59 and go North a few blocks). After we ordered I noticed a special table in the prime spot in the front window. The Manager, Ms. Renee’ Estes relayed the information that this was NOT a Corporate mandated thing but was her personal way of Honoring ALL women and men who have made the ultimate sacrifice for their County. She also said she has had several family member KIA in Service and that was the inspiration for her to set a “Table of Honor” in her restaurant.

THANK YOU, Renee’ for the Honor Table,

We hope this will become a permanent fixture your restaurant.

from all the women and men of the Armed Forces, both current and past!
Veterans – if you have a minute give her a call of, “Thank you”. (479) 474-8888

If you are traveling on I-40 in western Arkansas , stop for moment of reflection and a sandwich.
Submitted by: Bryce Collings

Please visit the Vietnam Memorial Wall in Washington, D.C if you have not been there.
You will find it to be an emotional experience!

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